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Insignia communications offers full cycle automated service to medical, pharma and healthcare industry since 2009 as per the requirements and suggestions. We offer CRM with technology to manage the clients' relationships and interactions in smarter and seamless way to improve the clients' experience. CRM software include full cycle of customer service, business development, marketing and sales to manage the relationships for overall business success. Our CRM system offers to improve customer service relationships and assist in customer retention and drive sales growth.

Over the years, we have gained experience and credibility as the best healthcare marketing partner to lot of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare companies. We have received awards and accolades for our achievement over the last 12 years. Award winning medical and healthcare CRM software company for hospitals, doctors and patient in India to overseas from Mumbai with online and onsite technical supports. We have been operating since 2009 for patient and doctors CRM solutions with reliability assurance.

Our services for outsourcing are designed to ensure scalable plan across stakeholders, data mining and insight capturing, need base medico marketing strategies, identify measurable parameters and map consumer behaviour change post CME, integrated sales force effectiveness training tools, aligned communication, content reliability, managing timelines with multiple partners, digital capabilities, Event management, customer relationship management tools and models, cost prospects and ROI.

  • Customize CRM software solutions including full cycle of customer services
  • Full cycle automated service for medical, pharma and healthcare industry since 2009
  • CRM with technology to manage the clients' relationships in smarter way
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