Business Units

Insignia Communication Pvt Ltd

  • CME SIGN - Division of Insignia

    We work with a group of leading Key Opinion Leaders from India and overseas in various specialties. With our established relationship with International and Indian societies we deliver unique need base and high end Continuing Medical Education to clinicians which can add value to their practice. We have emerged as a serious CME provider and have ability to address complexities with utmost professionalism due to our expertise and acumen in this field. We also represent GAME (Global Alliance in Medical Education) and are dedicated to providing quality CME’s with excellence in service. We offer Print CME, Online CME and Live CME best suited to our client’s requirements.

  • MED SIGN - Medico Marketing Division of Insignia

    We create relevant and need based high quality medical content to suit our client requirement with the sole purpose to make a difference to our client’s efforts to create reliable and authentic information that would add value to clinicians and associated stakeholders, nurses and paramedics.

  • PUB SIGN - Publication Division of Insignia

    We offer some of the world’s most prestigious range of quality publications & journals that make the exchange of technical knowledge and information possible amongst the medical professionals. We offer publications from AAOS, BMJ, Wiley, JBJS on a wide range of topics to name a few. Our offering consists of the latest and up to date articles, reprints & journals, that have long be the favourites of the doctor community.

  • E SIGN - E-MED Division of Insignia

    We offer exclusive online solutions by simplifying the complexities of healthcare and leveraging the benefits of the digital space. We have a team of highly experienced and motivated professionals who strive to optimise the available resources through online solutions that meet your needs. We are your gateway to healthcare experts in India and overseas who have the expertise to address your challenges. Through our online Esign capabilities we can address CME needs through online platforms.

  • SEARCH SIGN - CI/MR Division of Insignia

    This division deals with conducting market research to identify the unmet need, wherein we with our clinical and medical experience translate that rich market insights that are relevant, reliable and strategic information into practical plans which would ensure a clinical practice enhancement and better patient outcome.

  • LEARN SIGN - Training Division of Insignia

    At Insignia we realize the need of medical knowledge upgradation from local medical bodies is very critical. Therefore we participate in most of the conferences held every year across all therapy areas. Like CSI, Dermacon, Pedicon, Apicon,Fogsi, Iaocn etc. And we apply the learning/insights from these conferences to help our client in formulating marketing strategies .
    We also undertake Field force training, Soft skill training and various types of other training.