The first Healthcare MPO in India

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Meeting the demands of an ever changing healthcare landscape by fusing science and marketing

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Developing scientifically accurate material across multiple therapeutic areas and communication platforms

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Capability to deliver the right message,

at the right time and through the right channels

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Delivering scientific knowledge from across the globe

to bridge the gap between research and practice

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A team of professionals with a vast reserve

of experience and proficiency guiding you every step of the way

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A 360 degree medico marketing consultancy providing end-to-end solutions across brands

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Offering multiple ways to help your brand grow and stand out in a fast changing market

Insignia Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Insignia is a Healthcare Marketing Process Outsourcing company with a 360 degree integrated CME, medical content & a publication company. We are strategy partner for Healthcare industry aiming to provide solution for unmet needs through our team and International Collaboration competency. Our forte is to create unbiased, relevant, authentic and accredited medical content. We are proud to have a team with profound medical knowledge with creativity and strategic thinking : Medical doctors and PhDs in medical writing; Project leaders from the pharmaceutical industry; Creative doers who have experience in working with a strategic and integrated approach; Communication experts supported by external Key Opinion Leaders; Global subject matter experts associated with International Societies/ Universities.